Piezo Pigment Ink Bottle Ink for Epson Stylus PRO 

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 Pen Eco Solvent Printing Ink Factory 
 Premium Coating Eco Solvent Printing Ink 
 A grade professional pigment ink for Epson wide format printer ( 8~11 colors ); 
 nanoscale technology,  molecule particle <0.1μm, enhance the scuff resistance on the paper ; 
 dispersing technology, enhance the color degree ; 
 high effiency anti-uv additives, preservation time near the original ink ; 
 Compatible for Epson stylus pro 9908 7908 . 
 Features : 
 (1) Water-Tolerant:  
 import Nano resin pigment ink, wide color gamut, good reducibility ; 
 (2)  Scuff Resistance 
 can fast drying while print on paper ; 
 (3) Stable storage: 
 ink can keep flency & low viscosity under low temperature ;  
 (4 ) Vivid Color 
 imported America raw material with advanced manufacturing process, produce ink according standard which is +/-0.03% from OEM ink ; 
 (5) Strong Compatible Ability:  
 100% compatible with original ink, assure the picture printed accuracy with highly density ; 
 (6) Fluency Printing: 
 dust-free plant, particle for dye ink <0.5PL, pigment & sublimation ink <1.5PL, would not jame head, tested repeatedly, with excellent stability of chemical and physics . 
 Storage way: 
 ●10-35℃ ; 
 ●above 2 years under above temperature ; 
 ●be care the dust access into bottle while the sealing aluminium film opened .


Water based pigment ink

Compatible for

Stylus PRO 7908 / 9908


PK / C / M / Y / LC / LM / LK / LLK / MK


1. 100ml/500ml/ 1kg/ 5kg/ 20kg2. transparent bottle, milky-whitle bottle, square bottle, hand pot, soft packaging, barrelled ; 3. OEM welcome 


1. Vivid color, brillant, fluency , 2. Waterproof, Sunproof, Scratch-proof,3. Good reducibility, 


standard which is +/-0.03% from OEM ink

Quality and raw materials 
 1. 100% pre-tested on corresponding printer ; 
 2. Strict production operation; 
 3. Environmental protection material; 
 4. Each batch of ink from production has to be passing our standard which is +/-0.03% from OEM ink. All batches are backed by 1.5-2 year stability and consistency warranty, retain samples are offer for our customer.

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