The Biodegradable Plastics Exhibition

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Exhibition name: Biodegradable Plastics Exhibition

Exhibition time: September 17-21, 2019

Booth number: C074

biodegradable bag supplier

               biodegradable bag supplier

Venue: grand hongqiao national convention and exhibition center (no. 168 yinggang east road)


  • Ministry of industry and information technology

  • National development and reform commission

  • The ministry of commerce

  • Ministry of science and technology

  • Chinese academy of engineering

  • Chinese academy of sciences

  • China council for the promotion of international trade

  • United Nations industrial development organization

  • Shanghai municipal people's government

Co-organizer: China machinery industry association

Organizer: Shanghai donghaolansheng international service trade (group) co., LTD

Executive unit: lai zhan exhibition (Shanghai) co., LTD

The official website:

Beijing BEFTRE green materials co., LTD. (BEFTRE) is dedicated to transforming the unique science of environmental protection materials into value-added products and services for industrial and consumer applications. BEFTRE was founded in 2009 by Dr. Guoren cheng, an expert in biodegradable materials industry. Internationally renowned thought leader and expert in bio-plastics - specializing in bio-based and compostable plastics production.

As a biodegradable bag supplier, we are engaged in the production, marketing and development of biodegradable materials, including transparent, green biodegradable and compostable bags, disposable tableware, and packaging compostable foam.We supply custom biodegradable bagtransparent biodegradable bag, etc.

In line with our desire to expand green products, we have developed certified compostable bioplastics through our SuperBIO line of products to further reduce the negative impact on the environment.

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