Design requirements for steel corrugated culvert pipe

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The outer side of the steel corrugated culvert pipe is mainly soil corrosion, and the inner side is mainly water corrosion and atmospheric corrosion, focusing on soil corrosion and water corrosion protection.

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When selecting materials in the design stage, the materials, data and corrosion characteristics of various materials should be fully occupied, and the effective work experience and working procedures should be fully utilized.

Third, the corrosion design of should follow the principle of prevention and protection combined, according to the corrosiveness of the medium produced in the production process, environmental conditions, production operation management level and construction and maintenance conditions, etc., according to local conditions, different treatment, comprehensive selection of anti-corrosion measures. Harm to personal safety and Parts that are difficult to repair, as well as important load-bearing structures and components, should be protected.

Fourth, fully understand the corrosive environmental conditions

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