How to Remove Shrink Film Residual Gum?

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One of Shrink Film product is PVC shrink film, it is made of ethylene PVC resin with a dozen kinds of accessories mixed after the second inflatable, which is characterized by good transparency, easy to shrink, high strength. PVC shrink film baseboard in the production process, in order to effectively protect the surface finish, often in the baseboard surface covered with a protective film. When you peel off the protective film, sometimes in the skirting surface has some glues because of the climate and indoor temperature or other reasons, then how to remove the residual glues effectively to recover smooth surface.

1.Use a piece of cotton cloth dipped in the family to eat salad oil, wiped the the residual glue. Even if the whole baseboard need to wipe, just need a few minutes.

2.Dipped in essential oil with a cotton cloth, wiped the residual glue. 

The above method is simple, easy to operate, environmentally friendly. And wiped the baseboard bright, beautiful, excellent. BRJ Company also supply POF Shrink Film, fast packaging film and so on. 

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