Poker Production Process

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As a Cards Game Manufacturer, let's talk about the production process of playing cards today.

  1. Design 54 cards to be arranged in 6x9 (54) or 7x8 (56) sizes. Because some cards need to print 55 or 56, the extra one or two are generally calendar or other advertising information. The paper is also cut to the corresponding size of 6x9 (54) or 7x8 (56).

2. Four-color front and back printing, as well as quality inspection. After the printing is completed, it is necessary to follow the ink absorbing characteristics of the paper, and the ink is sufficiently absorbed by the paper to proceed to the next process.

3. Front filling and drying.

4. Backfilling and drying. Filling is an important process in poker production. The so-called "filling" is a solution in which starch and other viscous chemical components are mixed and evenly applied to poker paper by rollers. This is because any paper will always have the symptoms of “bumpy” under the microscope, and poker needs to be very flat to ensure smoothness, and “filling” can make it smooth. Because there is moisture in the slurry, it needs to be dried at a medium to high temperature of 70 to 80 degrees.

5. Steel roller extrusion. Because the playing card paper is thicker, it consists of three or more layers. If it is not squeezed, there will be a case where the playing card has been playing for a long time and the front side is detached. Ten years ago, domestic poker also often showed a situation of positive back separation, but now this problem has been completely solved in large production plants. The squeezing effect is better after "filling".

6. Glazing. The glazing process refers to coating (or spraying, printing) a layer of colorless and transparent paint on the surface of the printed matter. After leveling, drying, calendering and curing, a thin and uniform transparent bright layer is formed on the surface of the printed matter to enhance The smoothness of the surface of the carrier and the finishing of the printed graphic. The glazing process has become an important means of finishing post-press finishing. It not only makes the poker pattern more beautiful, but more importantly, it is an important process to form a moderately smooth feel of poker. Of course, there is also a waterproof function. The glazing of poker should be determined according to the paper. The glare transition, the poker is too slippery, a stack of poker is easy to slip when stacked; if the glazing is insufficient, the poker is too sloppy, the playing cards are not easy to wash, and the cards are not inserted. (Note: Now, after four-color printing, it is varnished. The luminosity and slip of poker are related to the type of varnish used.)

7. Calendering and pressing fabric. Calendering refers to the process of hot pressing and cooling the finished product after drying the over-lit poker. The same as the calendering process of Plastic Dice, it is a deep processing process of glazing, which can make the glazing coated transparent coating more compact, smooth and high-gloss brightness ideal for the mirror layer effect, which can improve the grade of poker. Market Competitiveness. The cloth effect makes poker look more upscale and more handy. Many advertising poker customers want a cloth effect.

Plastic Dice

Plastic Dice

8. Perfume. Some customers need poker with a special scent, especially some food or cosmetic advertising poker. (added in the grout)

9. One die cutting and two die cutting. 54 cards are cut horizontally into 6 or 7 pieces by a die-cutting machine; then 9 or 8 pieces are cut longitudinally and automatically sorted to form a king at the top and a small king at the bottom. At the same time, quality inspection is carried out.

10. Separation. The so-called split card is to split the card cut into a single pair.

11. Poker core heat shrink packaging. The 54 cores of a pair of poker cards were heat-shrink wrapped with plastic paper by a packaging machine. The inner core is heat-shrinkable for easy packaging and moisture resistance. (Note: Generally, it is packaged with self-shrinking plastic film, heat shrinkage will deform the poker, uneven).

12.Printed poker box, there is also a PU Cards Box For Board Games on the market, which is more beautiful.

The above is the poker printing process. After reading it, I believe that you have a certain understanding of how to get the cards. In addition, if you want to know how to make other chess games, you can click on the link in the text and we will be happy to serve you.

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