Artificial Rice Processing Machines/Production Line

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Artificial Rice Processing Machines/Production Line

Artificial Rice Processing Line is productive, flexible and scalable line leverage Qunlong’s unique twin-screw extrusion technology and experience in product development.

Advantages of Artificial Rice Extrusion Line:

1. Flexible: production of different shapes, textures, colors, integration of multiple soya proteins

2. Productive: continuous processing, fast changeover times and easy cleaning

3. Cost-effective: intensified processing, savings of raw materials, water and energy

4. Compact: taking up less floor space

From cereal and candy to pet food and treats, you’ve probably purchased a product made by a Qunlong Machinery Food Extruder Machine. We offer a full line of cold forming and cooking food extruders for a wide variety of food applications. Simplicity of design, flexibility in application, and ease of operation are the outstanding features of all Qunlong extruders. Our food extruder machines continuously maintain precise control of cooking temperatures, pressure, and time. Materials are extruded with consistent form, color, and properties.


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