How To Choose The Right Hot Melt Adhesive?

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As a new type of adhesive, Hot Melt Adhesive are still available in many types, including polyolefins, polyesters, EVA Hot Melt Adhesive, and styrenes. With so many hot melt adhesives, how do we choose the right one? We can come from the following directions:

1. Substrate: Different systems of hot melt adhesives have different adhesion to polar or non-polar substrates and are suitable for bonding different substrates such as various plastics, metal wood and paper. The same substrate, the surface treatment is not the same, the type of hot melt adhesive required is different.

2. Strength: The final strength can be obtained after the hot melt adhesive is cooled and solidified. When the temperature rises, they soften again. When used, it is used as a structural adhesive or a functional adhesive. If it is used as a structural adhesive, the strength is suitable for a larger one. If it is only for filling, the strength can be used.

3, temperature resistance: hot melt adhesive will be softened by heat, we must ensure the normal use of the product, such as high temperature use of hot melt adhesives with better heat resistance.

4, anti-aging: when we choose hot melt adhesive, its aging performance we must consider, if the aging is too fast, the impact on the material structure will be relatively large, resulting in product defects, serious or even product damage.

5, the use of hot melt equipment: hand-held glue guns generally use rod, cylindrical or granular hot melt adhesive. Continuously produced production lines generally have automatic melting equipment, which is suitable for the use of large-sized hot melt adhesives. Other equipment can be selected according to the needs of the appropriate specifications of the rubber blocks.

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