What Is The Effect Of Ink Performance On Print Quality?

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The effect of Offset Printing Ink lightfastness on print quality

The performance of the ink under the action of light, the relative change of the color light is called the light resistance of the ink. In fact, there is no ink that does not change color. Under the action of light, the color of any ink will change more or less. The ink with good heat resistance has a bright color, and the dots on the plate are full and solid, and have a three-dimensional effect and can be preserved for a long time.

The effect of acid resistance, alkalinity and alcohol resistance of ink on printing quality

Acid-resistant, alkali-resistant and alcohol-resistant inks, the printed products are bright in color, the layout is clear, and the dots are clear; on the contrary, the printed products are gray and dull, the layout is not clear, and the dots are printed. Not clean.

The effect of ink viscosity on print quality

The ink is under the influence of external force, that is, a resistance that hinders the movement of its molecules. This characteristic of the ink is the so-called viscosity of the ink. The viscosity of the ink is published under the important conditions of the transfer performance of the Anti Skinning Offset Printing Ink , the ink layer fastness, the penetration amount and the glossiness of the ink. Therefore, if the viscosity of the ink is too large or too small, the printing quality will be adversely affected.

The effect of ink fineness on print quality

The fineness of the ink refers to the size of the particles of the pigment (including the filler) in the ink and the uniformity of the distribution of the pigment particles in the binder. In the printing process, inks with poor fineness are prone to quality problems such as ink transfer, uneven ink distribution, ink paste, wear plates, and poor color rendering. The fineness of the ink is relatively large, and the printing is also relatively clear.

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