Say NO to High-fat Dog Food!

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We all want our pets to be healthy, lively and disease free. However, in real life, pets are often in an embarrassing situation of excessive fat intake. Excessive intake of high-fat foods by pets can seriously affect the health of pets. Long-term intake of high-fat pet foods can cause diseases such as obesity and arteriosclerosis. As a Food Extruder Machine Supplier, we believe that fat as a high energy food, not only can supply energy in dog food, but also improve palatability, increase the time of food substances staying in the intestine, and facilitate the digestion of other nutrients. With absorption.

However, professional dog food manufacturers still need to pay attention to:

1. Adding the corresponding oil and fat in the dog food should fully consider the balanced stability of the metabolic energy and digestive energy level of the food;

2. Emphasize the necessary anti-oxidation formula design to ensure the quality of the food after the oil is added;

3. Satisfy the supply of comprehensive nutrition such as protein, amino acid, trace elements and vitamins, and balanced nutrition;

4. Pay attention to whether the added fat contains excessive peroxide and harmful substances.

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