The Principle of Air Fryer

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Literally understood, an air fryer uses air instead of oil to fry food. But in principle, it has nothing to do with the cooking method of "frying". Air fryer supplier shares this article for you.

The Oil Free Cooking Air Fryer is more like a small oven. It cooks cooked food and relies on heating tubes (resistance wires). The difference is that the oven uses the heat of the heating tube to directly cook the food, and in the air fryer, a gust of wind is needed-in the introduction of the air fryer, you will see such a sign ▼

What does 360° air circulation mean? When it is working, the air fryer will blow air to the inside. There are two effects of air circulation:

❶ The power of the air fryer and the size of the heating tube are much smaller than that of the oven. The circulating air must be used to make the inside of the fryer heat up quickly.

❷ The oven needs to be preheated when in use. Now that there is circulating air, there is no need to preheat it in advance.

What can the air fryer do?

1. One-time processing of ingredients

For example, sweet and sour short ribs and fried shrimps that require oil first.

The small row does not need to add oil at all. It is chopped into small pieces, mixed with a little rice wine and then thrown into the fryer. It is fixed for 30 minutes at a temperature of 200. Then you can do your own thing. During this period, it is best to flip it once to evenly heat it.

After the short ribs are fried, the excess fat in the meat will flow to the bottom of the pan, just take the meat out, put it in the wok and braise it in sweet and sour sauce and then serve it on the plate.

When cooking shrimp, which is not high in fat, we need to add extra oil. Of course, even adding extra oil is more fuel-efficient than frying first.

2. Heating of fried foods and baked goods

Don't want to eat cold egg tarts? Don't want to eat cold croissants and pineapple buns? Put it in the air fryer before every meal, and it will be hot immediately for ten minutes.

The fried chicken in the set meal is often too much to eat. It is not crispy and ugly when it is heated in the microwave the next day. Although it is crispy from the oven, the skin is very dry. At this time, an air fryer is needed. Everything re-fried in an air fryer is extremely crispy, and it will fry out the excess fat in the fried chicken.

3. Fried chicken, fried fish, small crispy meat, croquettes

Things to note about fried meat:

▷ Hanging slurry

It is best to use eggs + salt + edible oil (the three mixtures do not let you hang three times), the amount of oil needs to be tested several times to know. If there is less oil, the skin becomes dry.

It is not advisable to hang too much slurry. Shake it in a bowl after fully covering it to shake off the excess egg liquid, otherwise it will become paste when it is coated.

▷ Breading

You can choose the flour type according to your preference. Usually one is flour type, such as starch flour, etc., and the other is slag type, such as the dregs of toasted bread, which can also be used as an ingredient for deep-fried flour coating. After the powder is coated, please shake it clean and then throw it into the pot. It should look like all parts are covered with dry powder, but there is no excess that will fall.

▷ Shaking pot

During the frying process, stir thoroughly at least once. Let the ingredients heat evenly. The above steps are the same for frying in ordinary pans, but don’t add oil if you hang the slurry.

4. Water-prone food such as melon seeds, peanuts, etc.

Do you feel that the seeds will become damp and soft when you can't finish eating them? Throw it into the air fryer and you can eat it in five minutes.

5. Frozen food (fries, colonel chicken nuggets, squid rings, onion rings)

These foods are more convenient to eat than instant noodles! Take it out of the freezer and throw it directly into the fryer.

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