What is the Difference Between Flexible Cast Iron Pipe and Ductile Iron Pipe?

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Flexible cast iron pipes are mainly suitable for new, expanded and rebuilt civil and industrial buildings, non-corrosive industrial waste water pipes and rain down pipes, etc. Many users will confuse flexible cast iron pipes with ductile iron pipes when choosing. Just take everyone to understand the difference between the two.

Cast Iron Drain Pipe

Cast Iron Drain Pipe

Flexible cast iron pipe refers to gray cast iron cast by high-speed centrifuge. It adopts flexible connection method, sealed by rubber sealing ring, and fastened by bolts. It has good flexibility and flexibility under internal water pressure. It is a kind of drainage pipe that can adapt to large axial displacement and lateral deflection. It is suitable for public buildings or high-rise drainage. It is especially suitable for earthquake areas. 

Ductile iron pipe refers to the material of ductile cast iron. It is made by high-speed centrifugal casting by a centrifugal ductile iron machine after adding spheroidizing agent to molten iron of No. 18 and above. It is annealed, treated with internal and external anticorrosion, and sealed with rubber seals. A kind of water supply and drainage pipes for cities, communities, municipal administration, fire protection and sewage pipes.

Flexible cast iron pipe not only has the ductility, high strength and pressure resistance of steel, but also the corrosion resistance of gray cast iron; the elongation rate of flexible cast iron drainage pipe can reach more than 10%, the tensile strength is greater than 420 MPa, and the pressure value can be Up to 4 MPa or more, it is especially suitable for the high pressure-bearing and high deformation resistance requirements of water supply, gas and oil pipeline systems; the stable chemical properties of flexible cast iron drainage pipes are supplemented by anti-corrosion measures such as zinc spraying and painting, and have excellent corrosion resistance The service life is more than one hundred years.

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