How to Make the Best Dog Treats?

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The best dog treats should pack plenty of protein. They should also be free of unnecessary additives like artificial flavors, sodium, and extra sugar. To find the best, we consulted vets and dog trainers, scrutinized ingredient labels, and had our own pups taste the finalists. Because dogs have individual tastes (just like humans), our top picks offer a variety of textures and flavors to appeal to even the pickiest pooch.

The best dog treats start with safe, healthy ingredients, but in the end it comes down to your pet’s personal preference. Some dogs prefer a soft, chewy texture, while others are happy with a crunchy bite. Your dog may prefer fish, chicken, or beef as the main flavor. The bottom line? As long as your dog doesn’t have allergies, experiment with treats to see which kind your four-legged friend likes best. You’ll know by an eagerly wagging tail and expectant, obedient “sit” as your dog waits to snap up that treat.

Dog Chew Machine

Dog Chew Machine

It may come as a surprise, but the most common source of food allergy in dogs is actually protein. In fact, one study found that beef was the most common allergen in dogs, followed by dairy. If your dog shows signs of allergy, like dry skin or upset stomach, consider the protein source first. Limited or single-ingredient protein sources will help you narrow down any potential sensitivities. All of our top picks are available in multiple flavors, so you can find one that’s safe for your pup.

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