How Much do you Know About Barbecue?

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Barbecue may be the most primitive cooking method for human beings. It uses fuel to heat and dry air, and places the food in the hot dry air at a position closer to the heat source to heat the food. Generally speaking, barbecue is to cook food (mostly meat, seafood, vegetables) on fire until it is edible; in modern society, due to the many ways of using fire, barbecue methods are gradually diversified, and various grills have been developed. Barbecue grill, barbecue sauce, etc.Barbecue itself has become a way of entertainment or business for multi-person gatherings. Whether in China or throughout Asia, America, and Europe, barbecue is usually a group activity from a family to a school and a group activity organized by some companies.

Main categories:

Barbecuing is divided into direct roasting and indirect roasting. Direct roasting is divided into open fire and dark fire. Indirect roasting is also divided into iron, slate, and copper plates. The requirements for charcoal are also different. There are three types of charcoal suitable for barbecue in China. 1. Raw wood charcoal; 2. Machine-made charcoal; 3. Industrial coke. Raw wood charcoal is also divided into fruit wood and miscellaneous wood. The fruit wood is, apple, pear, hawthorn and other hard wood barbecue sites taste better, and miscellaneous wood includes poplar. , Sophora japonicus, pine and other cork barbecue tastes general.

Main tools:

Barbecue grills: There are three types of grills, carbon grills, gas grills and electric grills. Among them, gas grills and electric grills are popular because they are free of oil smoke and pollution. Common types of barbecue grills on the market include apple stove, rectangular stove, portable stove and so on. The shape of the apple stove is the most compact, with a round outline and large capacity. Generally, it is separated by two layers of nets, which can be used for braising and smoking respectively. It also has wheels and handles, which are convenient for changing positions during the barbecue process. Delicate and thoughtful.

Barbecue truck: Due to the inconvenience of carrying barbecue grills for street stalls, the grill truck has become the mainstream barbecue tool for street stalls. It can be moved and can be operated by preparing a can of gas and barbecue materials. It has low cost and has become the first choice for small investment businesses. , And there are more and more popular barbecue carts on the market. In addition to barbecue, you can also make spicy hot and sour noodles.

Barbecue charcoal: Common charcoal on the market includes combustible charcoal, charcoal, and machine-made charcoal. Flammable charcoal is available in outdoor stores, in square and pie shapes.

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