Waterproof heat resistant Strong Adhesion transparent 3m Acrylic VHB Double sided Foam Tape

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Waterproof heat resistant Strong Adhesion transparent 3m Acrylic VHB Double sided Foam Tape

Protective Film

3M VHB Foam Tape provide the convenience and simplicity of a tape fastener and are ideal for use in many interior and exterior bonding applications. In many situations, they can replace rivets, spot welds, liquid adhesives and other permanent fasteners.  

These Waterproof Foam Tape are made with acrylic foam which is viscoelastic in nature. This gives the foam energy absorbing and stress relaxing properties which provides these tapes with their unique characteristics. The acrylic chemistry provides outstanding durability performance.   

These tapes utilize a variety of specific foam, adhesive, color and release liner types to provide each product/family with specific features. These features can include adhesion to specific or a broad range of materials, conformability, high tensile strength, high shear and peel adhesion, resistance to plasticizer migration, and UL746C recognition. All 3M VHB Tapes have excellent durability and excellent solvent and moisture resistance.  

All 3M VHB Tapes should be thoroughly evaluated by the end user under actual use conditions with intended substrates to determine whether a specific tape is fit for a particular purpose and suitable for user’s method of application, especially if expected use involves extreme environmental conditions or high dead load stress. 


3M5952, this article is mainly used for automobile trim, a former molding, molding, threshold, Angle of a collision, the plate, stainless steel tank cover, pedal, door handle, round arc, flow, plate brake lights, cars and motorcycles signs, metal plaque, auto parts, safety glass composite paste is fixed.

product name

100% original custom 3M tape die cut

Die Cutting Methods

♦ Rotary Die Cutting♦ Flatbed Die Cutting♦ Steel Rule Die Cutting♦ Laser Die Cutting♦ Punch Press

Die  Cutting Materials

♦ Adhesive   Transfer Tapes♦ Single Coated Tapes♦ Double Coated Tapes♦ Cloth / Fabric♦ Films♦ Foils♦ Foams♦ Rubber♦ Cork♦ Magnetic Tape♦ Release Liners♦ Screens


Individual pieces or on rolls or sheets


applications   including medical, electronics and gaskets


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