7 healthiest frozen fruits and vegetables

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Frozen products are usually cheaper, and it saves you money in the long run because you have more time to eat it and don't have to worry about the food going bad. You can spend your sweet time!


Of course, not everything is purchased frozen. Some foods taste less hot when frozen, while others lack texture. With that in mind, I've gathered some must-buy frozen foods.


1. Dark Sweet Cherries

Anyone who has ever purchased fresh cherries knows you pay a premium price for them. Freeze them and you'll get dark sweet cherries (rich in antioxidants, fiber and nutrients that support a healthy gut) at a super affordable price! Use them in smoothies, healthy desserts or homemade granola; add them to yogurt; or use them to make your own jam!


2. Organic berries

Berries are one of the foods you should buy organic whenever possible. Buying frozen foods should help make this possible, as the price is more affordable. Buy blends or individual bags of your favorite berries and use them in smoothies or on top of hot and cold cereals, make your own homemade jams with them, use them in healthy desserts, or add them to your favorite yogurt. I also like them as a snack fresh out of the fridge!


3. Specialty Fruits

I've never seen fresh acai berries in the supermarket, and I'm not impressed with the fresh dragon fruit I've managed to find. Fortunately, these days you can find both in the frozen section of most stores. If you want to try something new, keep an eye out for several different fruit blends and add them to your next smoothie.



They are an excellent source of plant-based protein, rich in fiber and even contain some healthy omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential for optimal brain and heart health. They are also very affordable to buy in frozen form and make a great snack. Simply defrost some on the counter or heat a bowl in the microwave.


5. Broccoli

This super-healthy cruciferous vegetable can be delicious when fresh, but - honestly - the frozen stuff is much easier to prepare. The only time I'd say absolutely fresh is when you want to roast it.


7. green beans

fresh (and even canned) green beans are delicious, but frozen green beans are consistently tastier and have a better texture. And they're easier to find! Look for cut forms, longer forms, or thinner green beans (like lentils). No matter how you buy them, they're nutritious: they're full of fiber, vitamin C, antioxidants, and a good source of plant-based protein.


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