Three pour-over coffee filters, which one is better?

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paper coffee filter

Coffee filter paper is the most traditional one-time-use filter product. Most of the uses are used to filter coffee. Use filter coffee, which uses extremely dense fibers to retain ground coffee beans and coffee powder, and extract the extracted coffee. The coffee is strained into the cup to get a clean coffee solution.

Filter paper can also filter terpene esters in coffee, which are mostly organic products of plants, and good filter paper can filter out impurities, and coffee tastes more mellow and has a more pronounced aroma.

Advantages: high convenience, it can be thrown away after use, and the brand can be changed; the mouthfeel of punching is relatively clean; there are few impurities and odors. Disadvantages: less environmentally friendly use of paper; unbleached paper will have a papery smell; grease will be filtered out, resulting in a coffee taste without grease.

metal coffee filter

Recently, the awareness of environmental protection has become stronger and stronger, and many coffee appliance manufacturers have developed metal filters, which eliminates the need for less environmentally friendly filter paper, as long as it is cleaned after use and can be reused. It is made of stainless steel and is durable and strong.

Suggestion: After use, use a clean toothbrush to brush lightly to eat baking soda powder to remove oil, so as not to affect the next brewing taste. The metal coffee filter can also extract the oil, and the taste will be thicker and closer to the original taste of the coffee beans. You can also feel the difference from the filter paper in the blind test.

Advantages: It is more environmentally friendly, and can be reused by rinsing; it can drink the original taste of coffee, and the thick taste.

Disadvantages: fine powder is easy to cause excessive extraction and lead to excessive bitterness; fine powder will pass through the filter into the coffee, and the taste may be slag.

coffee filter cloth

It is usually used in flannel filter cloth, Chemex hand-washing pot, and Siphon siphon type. It is more troublesome to clean and store. If the grease on the filter cloth is not cleaned, it will affect the taste over time, and it needs to be soaked in water after washing. It is more troublesome to store it in the refrigerator and not be able to use it multiple times a day. The brewed coffee tastes between metal and filter paper, balancing the advantages of both.

Suggestion: The filter cloth needs to be cleaned and stored properly, otherwise there may be a rag smell. It is recommended to use baking soda to clean it when it is available, and the flannel filter cloth has better permeability and heat preservation, and the brewed coffee aroma and taste It's called saturation.

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