How Often to Change Cat Litter?

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How often to change cat litter? This is a frequent question that we often get asked. The quick answer is: it depends! In general, If you invest in clumping cat litter, it may only need to be cleaned every two or three weeks, depending on your standard of daily maintenance.


How often should you replace the cat litter? If you can, you should aim to replace cat litter at least once per week. However, if you scoop the litter frequently, it is possible to stretch litter changes to once every two weeks. Instead of just changing the cat litter, you need to replace the entire cat litter with new ones, and the cat litter box should also be cleaned, and then put new cat litter after drying. Once every two weeks is just an approximate frequency, it will be affected by many factors:

a. The quality of cat litter

If the cat litter you use is fast and strong clumping, it can better wrap the cat's excrement and is not easy to spread out, so that you can appropriately extend the time of replacing the cat litter. But if the quality of the litter you are using is not very good, you may need to replace the litter once a week.

b. The quantity of cat

In general, you need as many litter boxes as you have cats. But if you have two cats or several cats sharing a car litter box, you need to increase the frequency of replacing your litter accordingly.

c. Temperature and climate

The rate at which bacteria grow has a lot to do with the temperature and climate of the surrounding environment. If the temperature is high and the humidity is heavy, the bacteria grow fast, and you need to shorten the interval of replacing cat litter. Correspondingly, if the temperature is low and in a relatively dry environment, you can increase the time interval appropriately.

d. Your cat's habits

After all, it's your cat that's using the cat litter, so it has the biggest say. You need to pay attention to your cat, if it has increased excretion due to diet or other factors for a certain period of time, you need to adjust the frequency of changing cat litter in time.

In short, what frequency is best for your cat needs to be explored by yourself and you need to adjust in time according to different weather and other temporary conditions.

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