What Is Cat Litter Made Of?

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What is cat litter made of? This is a frequent question that we often get asked.Cat litter is a necessity and fast-moving consumer good for raising cats. Cat owners are no strangers to cat litter, however, many cat owners do not really understand cat litter. They think that cat litter is just ordinary sand with better water absorption, but this is actually a wrong idea.

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What is tofu cat litter made of?

Tofu cat litter is an environmentally-friendly cat litter made from natural fresh bean dregs or natural plant fibers. Generally, soybean fiber is used as the main raw material, supplemented by corn starch, guar gum, etc. Some high-end tofu cat litter uses pea fiber as the main raw material, and the finished product has a whiter color and stronger coagulation ability. There are many types of tofu cat litter on the market now, such as green tea cat litter, original cat litter, peach cat litter, etc. Although the fragrance is different, the effect is almost the same.

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What is bentonite cat litter made of?

As the name suggests, bentonite cat litter uses bentonite as raw material. Bentonite is air-dried under natural conditions and then ground into fine powder. Then add water and process the fine powder into cat litter particles with a diameter of 2-3 mm.

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