Frosted Polycarbonate Sheet

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Frosted Polycarbonate Sheet

Frosted polycarbonate sheet is one type solid polycarbonate sheet with privacy patterns for obscure glazing requirements, therefore, it is also known as privacy glazing, protective glazing, matte polycarbonate sheet.

With the privacy patterns, the frosted polycarbonate sheet has original properties of solid polycarbonate sheet like excellent impact resistance, outstanding formability, great fire resistance, easy to install, but another function is to hide something on the backfaces.

Polycarbonate roofing sheet is widely used for a shower enclosure, office room dividers, skylight roof, carport roof.

Dilang frosted polycarbonate sheet is a high-quality polycarbonate sheet with privacy patterns, that is ideal polycarbonate sheeting to adding privacy in an office, home, billboard application. 

With the UV protective layer, the frosted polycarbonate sheet is a great choice for both outdoor and indoor.

As one of the most important suppliers of polycarbonate panels, Dilang can provide high-quality frosted polycarbonate sheets with more than ten years of warranty. Otherwise, we will provide free samples and free precutting service. 

Frosted polycarbonate sheet Specifications

Name: Frosted polycarbonate sheet or matte polycarbonate sheet;

Raw material: Polycarbonate/PC;

Color: Clear/transparent, green, blue, bronze, gray, opal/white, red, other colors can be customized;

Standard length: 10", 12", 24", 48", 2', 4', 6', 8', 12', 16', 20', 24', 36', 38' (other lengths can be customized); 

Standard width: 10", 12", 24", 48", 2', 4', 6' (other lengths can be customized);

Working temperature: from -40°C to +120°C;

More information about frosted polycarbonate sheet, please view our web:

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