Fiberglass Filter Cartridge

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Fiberglass Filter Cartridge

Glass fiber filter cartridge with the materials of ultra-fine borosilicate fiberglass and the diversion layer used, produced by pleat, filter edge seal, the fixed core cover, welded end caps and other processes methods, contains no adhesive and falls no media off while it is used.As it widely used as the front-end pretreatment and the terminal filter element in the industry filtration field, is an essential operating part of a variety of medium filtration and water treatment process in chemical, pharmaceutical, energy, environmental protection and other industries. As one of core filtration components, glass fiber filter cartridge can ensure that the filter element to achieve the desired precision.

Product Features of Micron Pleated Filter Catridge:

Glass Fiber Filter Core is Made Of Ultra-Fine Glass Fiber Membrane and Imported Non-Woven Fabric As Supporting Layer.

Progressive Pore Size Change Provides Super High Pollutant Capacity.

Excellent Chemical Compatibility, Suitable For Filtration of Strong Acids, Strong Bases And Organic Solvents.

Gaskets / Seals Have Various Materials, Which Can Be Compatible With Various Liquids.

Filters Are Manufactured, Flushed, Tested And Packaged In A Class 1,000 Clean Room Environment.

Applications about Particle removing filtration Cartridge:

Food And Beverage Industry: Wine, Potable Water, Beer, Soft Drink, Brewery

Medical Industry: Pre Filtration Of All Kinds Of Antibiotic Liquid.

Chemical Industry: Filtration Of Various Organic Solvents, Acids And Lye. Filtration for Viscous or Colloidal Liquid.

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