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PEI Leader tape

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PEI Leader tape

Dark Brown PEI Leader Tape

Customized PEI Leader Tape


Products Name:PEI leader tape
Application:Packaging materials
Material :PEI
Function:chip packaging
Appearance:dark brown
Made in china
Features:high temperature
specific resistance:13Ω*m
Applicable temperature:400℃

Smart card chip Leader tape is currently available in globally sized models: 35, 35SW, 48, 48SW, 70. Due to the large market of the local and overseas semiconductor industry, we are providing high-precision products and improving our competitiveness with international companies in terms of service, delivery and price. In order to win a career win-win situation with domestic and foreign merchants. Leader Tape Material: PI, PET, PEI Model: 35 35SW 48 48SW 70 Price in meters, in rolls

Customized samples are welcomed!

More infomation can view here.

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