XL-21 low-voltage power distribution cabinet

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XL-21 low-voltage power distribution cabinet


XL-21 Low Voltage Switch Cabinet is suitable for power plant, industry and mining enterprises. It is used for power distribution in three-phase four-wire or three-phase five-wire system with AC voltage of 500V or less. XL-21 low-voltage power distribution box is installed on the wall of the indoor device and repaired in front of the screen. 

Structural characteristics

XL-21 Low Voltage Switch Cabinet product is closed, the shell is formed by bending steel plate, and the knife switch operating handle is located at the upper part of the right column in front of the box, which can be used for switching power supply. A voltmeter is installed in front of the distribution box to indicate the voltage of bus bar. There is a door in front of the distribution box. When the door is opened, all the equipment in the distribution box is exposed, which is convenient for maintenance. The distribution boxes adopt domestic self-designed components, which have the characteristics of compact structure, convenient maintenance and flexible combination of line schemes. low-voltage power distribution cabinet is equipped with air circuit breaker and fuse as short circuit protection. Contactors and thermal relays are also equipped. The front door of the box can be equipped with operation buttons and indicator lights.

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