5KV Power frequency high-voltage test console

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5KV Power frequency high-voltage test console

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Power Frequency High Voltage Test Console

The power frequency high-voltage test console is designed for finished low-voltage cables, which is composed of the console, a 50KVA induction regulator and an experimental transformerIt has a standard capacity of 50KVA and a voltage of 5KV. The low-voltage cable can generally withstand the voltage of 3.5KV, and the equipment can withstand the voltage of 5KV. The equipment is operated by electric control. In addition, high voltage will automatically return to zero in case of cable break and give a sound-light alarm and leakage protection, so as to protect the safety of the operator and the staff to the most extent.

Main technical parameters of the system:

Rate capacity   50kVA/ 100KVA/ 150KVA/ 200KVA

Rated input voltage  380V

        Rated output voltage  0-5KV/ 0-10KV/ 0-15KV/ 0-20KV/0-25KV

Main technical indicators:

1. It will automatically give an alarm (sound-light) and delay in cutting off high voltage (adjustable from 0.1-1S) in case of test piece breakdown.

2. Zero potential of voltage regulator is started under high voltage.

3. The voltage regulator automatically returns to zero after breakdown, overcurrent protection and non-zero tripping under high voltage.

4. Cut off the power source after the hold-off time is up and voltage automatically returns to zero at the step-up rate.

5. The hold-off time of digital display time relay is adjustable.

6. Measurement accuracy of high-voltage output and current output is +3%.

  When low-voltage wires are used in the power frequency withstand voltage test, the equipment with a voltage of 5KV and capacity of 50KVA is usually used.

  Voltage capacity may be customized according to customer needs.

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