MC aluminum cable

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MC aluminum cable

MC Type aluminum conductors

MC aluminum Alloy cable

Aluminum Alloy UL CSA Standard


600V or less


Sino-cables MC Type is constructed with Type XHHW-2 conductors rated 90℃ wet or dry, and a bare equipment grounding conductor. The Conductors are AA-8000 series Aluminum Alloy compact stranded. A binder tape is wrapped over the conductors with interlocked aluminum tape applied over the assembly. Individual conductors are color coded per ICEA S-58-679, Method 3, Table 2 (Single color compounds with surface printing). A PVC outer sheath is needed for direct burial.

Copper conductor is also available.


UL 44, UL 1569 for type MC; ICEA S – 95-658; NEMA WC70; Federal Spec A-A59544 (formerly J–C–30B); IEEEE 1202 70,000 BTU vertical flame test; CSA Spec. C22.2, No. 51 - Armoured Cables.

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