High precision Multilayer PCB Printed Circuit Boards Manufacture Blind And Buried Flexible PCB HDI PCB

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Blind & Buried PCB


High precision Multilayer PCB Printed Circuit Boards Manufacture Blind And Buried Flexible PCB HDI PCB

Product Details

Layer count: 10

Board thickness: 2mm±0.2mm

Trace/Space: 3.94/3.94mil

Surface Treatment: ENIG

Process: Twice laminate ,5+5 structure ,Twice resin plug.

Application: Automotive electronics

Blind PCB exporter:Our products include HDI board, heavy copper board, backplane board,Blind & Buried PCB semiconductor test board, high frequency board and rigid-flex board, etc., to meet customers' various demand. Our products are widely used in communication, medical equipment, industrial control, power supply, consumer electronics and aerospace, automobile industry, etc.

All our products follow IPC class and are approved by UL, ROHS and ISO9001. Also our executives and technicians are experienced people who have been engaged in PCB industry for more than twenty years so we have rich production management experience and professional PCB skills. We ensure the quality of PCB products by continuously introducing new equipment’s and new technologies and using high quality materials .With professional technicians we can provide early design consultation and technical support, so that customers can be more worry-free. With qualified and reliable products, advanced technology and value-added service, we won the trusts and supports of customers and established a good reputation in the industry.

Our goal is to be the leading PCB solutions provider in the electronics industry with first-class products and services. We are devoted to be a trusted partner of our customers.

As a Cembedded active components PCB wholesaler, If you want to buy low price 6 layers frequency PCB, Industrial control HDI PCB, Buried PCB board, welcome browse our website and contact us.


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