How Is Wine Transported in Cold Weather?

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With the improvement of people's living standards, more and more people begin to pay attention to the taste and taste of life. Red wine is just a form of life quality and is loved by more and more people. Many sources of wine are purchased directly online, either in physical stores or as gifts from family and friends. The problem of buying wine on the Internet is how to express the delivery?

Red wine is bought in a physical store ok and can carry straight home, but buy on the net? After three or five days of express delivery to the hand is it still intact? Red wine is glass container received collision solvent broken, early many businesses choose foam packaging, foam packaging is easy to fall off, occasionally will stick to the hands, clothes fell on the ground is not easy to clean. So what kind of packaging material should be used for buffer packaging of red wine during transportation?

How Is Wine Transported in Cold Weather?cid=9

Red wine transport packaging scheme, now there is a new buffer material on the market called Air Column Bag, now the use of Red Wine Air Column Bag is very common, the airbag cushion shock absorption performance is strong, high protection performance for the product, the use of airbag packaging product breakage rate is very low. This is now wine merchants like to choose red wine airbags as a transport protection packaging materials one of the reasons.

In addition, the air column red wine bag is a thin film before it is inflated. The volume is very small, and after it is inflated, it can be used directly without sealing. The packaging is simple and fast, and each air column can support the weight of an adult. Red wine with red wine airbag packaging beautiful generous can give customers a better shopping experience.

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