Haixun Furniture Design System furniture automatic cutting angles software

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Haixun Furniture Design System furniture automatic cutting angles software

Hand drawing of special shapes  

Haixun furniture industry software is one that has linked designers and factories together. It is the most functional, most optimal and most efficient furniture industry software currently available in the market. Its concise style, elegant and beautiful layout and humanized operations have greatly improved the design and production efficiency of enterprises and created greater benefits for customers.

Reversed modeling  Reversed modeling Furniture Design System

It supports reversed modeling, one-key saving and direct call. It can save a cabinet made of plates as a module into the database through only one key and have the module built from nothing and changed from complex to simple in a real sense. During next-time call, designers can modify its size, plate thickness and scaling, etc. to quickly complete the drawing.

Six sides drawing  

It has created the real three-dimensional six-side drawing method to realize multiple-sided drawing. For L-shaped cloakrooms and U-shaped cabinets, it can choose different views and add plates, drawers and components, etc. randomly, and can convert all different views into front view, which has solved a big problem of the industry and made whole house customization easy.

Real-time update of dual-core database   

It uses cloud and local dual-core databases, which keep expanding continuously, with the local database storing data continuously while the cloud database keeping updating in real time. It can enrich your database and make the designers able to find all cabinets and complete all processes.

CAD import and export     

The system can import CAD components which can get adaptive to the space automatically. The imported components can be saved as modules and uploaded to the local database for size change and automatic scaling, etc. during the next-time call. The system can also realize one-key import of CAD special-shaped plates as well as import and export of CAD plans and stereograms, etc.

Size association   

The system can call the cabinet body, shift the plates and scale the plates in the space automatically. Once the drawing is completed, this system allows you to modify the size of the space at will. Through this system, your design no longer needs frequent deletion, modification or calculation and becomes flexible and changeable.

One-key inclined cutting   furniture Combined cutting angles software

The system supports one-key inclined cutting for standard cabinets and one-time formation of inclined cutting angle and stair cabinet. The system can generate the cabinet body and hole positions and the oblique angles, and calculate the inclined plates automatically.

Combined cutting angles  furniture automatic cutting angles software

The system can conduct angle cutting for regular cabinet bodies automatically and directly, and supports free choice of the angle cutting type and angle cutting depth, free combination of horizontal and vertical cutting angles and free choice of multiple angle cutting processes. It has stronger manipulability and suits all sorts of house types. It supports freely combined cutting angles of up and down angle cutting and right and let angle cutting, and can liberate you from the trouble of drawing corner cabinets.

One-key formation of wine grids

The system can generate wine grids with only one key. It enables you to produce four styles of wine grids, namely horizontal, vertical, half-angle and full-angle, by clicking only one key after selecting certain area It allows you to adjust the sealing edge, opening amount and size of the wine grids freely, and calculate the net space of the wine grids in real time.

Parameter adjustment

The system can add multiple kinds of accessories, including sliding rail, handle, hinge and clothes rail, etc., with one key. It can generate hole positions for the accessories automatically and support free adjustment according to needs.

Powerful rendering

The system supports powerful 3D rendering, self-defined house type, 720 degree panoramic view, multi-directional indoor wandering and additional lighting effects, which can restore the furniture colors and improve the sales force of the terminal stores.

As a leader in application software technologies of the furniture industry, Haixun Software has an excellent r&d design and service team in the industry. Haixun Furniture Design System, Haixun Furniture Production System, Haixun Cloud Rendering System, Haixun Door Plank Carving System, Haixun Packaging and Delivery System.


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