Biodegradable Foam Blocks

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Biodegradable Foam Blocks

This is a cushioning material made from corn starch. Used for filling space, solid positioning, cushioning and shock absorption, eliminating damage.

Biodegradable Foam Blocks for sale

Organic raw materials are the main ingredients, thus reducing petroleum, compounds and other components. Placing this material between the product and the external packaging box can effectively alleviate the impact and make the transportation of goods safer.

Biodegradable Foam Blocks for sale

Our strengths

1.100% biodegradable, environmentally friendly and cost-effective

2. Superior buffer performance

3. Anti-static treatment can be done to reduce the troubles caused by static electricity.

4. Clean and dustless, stable technology, safe use

Biodegradable Foam Blocks application: widely used in cosmetics, health care products, food, electronic appliances, instrumentation, computers, medical devices, hardware lighting, toys, household appliances, alcoholic drinks, handicrafts, glass and ceramics and other high-end fragile packaging

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