Printer motherboard PCBa PCB assembly

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Printer motherboard PCBa PCB assembly


Our products include HDI board, heavy copper board, backplane board,Blind & Buried PCB semiconductor test board, high frequency board and rigid-flex board, etc., to meet customers' various demand. Our products are widely used in communication, medical equipment, industrial control, power supply, consumer electronics and aerospace, automobile industry, etc.

TOPFAST is a professional and reliable one-stop PCB solutions provider for customers specialized in manufacturing quick turn prototypes and small volumes. With high quality and on-time delivery products we won the market's wide acclaim. We will continue to focus on customer satisfaction, along with "high quality “and "fast delivery", we will become a PCB service provider worthy of customer trust.

Order Conditions

Standard Delivery Date

The fastest Delivery Date

Prototype (<20 pcs)

 2 days

 8   hours

Small Volum (20-100 pcs)

 3 days

 12 hours

Medium Volum(100-1000 pcs)

 6 days

 24 hours

Mass productions (>1000 pcs)

 Depends on BOM

 Depends on BOM


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