High Rise Prefabricated Plans Light Steel Structure Warehouse Hotel Building

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High Rise Prefabricated Plans Light Steel Structure Warehouse Hotel Building

1. Different types and sizes according to customer's needs, large or small, wide span: single span or multiple spans, the max span is 36m without middle column.

2. Low cost and maintenance: unit price range from USD30/m2 to USD70/m2 according to customers request.

3.Fast construction and easy installation: time saving and labor saving, all the items are factory- made,pre-cut,pre-welded, pre-drilled,pre-painted.

4.Reduced construction waste, long using lifespan: up to 50 years.

5. Nice appearance.

6. Others: environmental protection, stable structure, High quake-proof, water proof and fire proof, and energy conserving.

Steel structure is a new advanced structure developed from space frame. All parts making up a pipe truss structure are steel pipe bars. The pipe bars are connected by the method of welding, having been cut by intersection line cutting machine in advance.The steel pipe truss structure is widely used in the area of large span public buildings, such as exhibition halls, terminal buildings, stadium, theaters, etc.

2. Advantage of large span pipe truss structure for sports center:

1) Light in weight, especially when applied as large span structures.

2) Excellent stability and aseismic performance, as the structure bears the load and spreads it to average directions.

3) Long service life up to 50 years.

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