Specifications Characteristics Of Stainless Steel Composite Plate

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The Stainless Steel Composite Plate is a metal composite raw material whose outer layer is pure stainless steel and whose inner layer is carbon steel. The metal composite raw material of the pure stainless steel and carbon steel composite is a stainless steel composite plate. The emergence of stainless steel composite panels, for the creation of equipment, promotion of raw materials to provide raw material security is to increase the equipment life, increase equipment production efficiency, reduce the cost of operation.

The use of stainless steel clad plates instead of the original pure stainless steel plates can reduce equipment costs, but the use of equipment is not affected. Stainless steel clad plates can be used for desulfurization towers, ammonia distillation towers, debenzene towers, etc.

The stainless steel clad plate retains the corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, anti-magnetic function and elegant appearance of pure stainless steel, and also has the characteristics of excellent weldability, formability, stretchability and thermal conductivity of carbon steel. Used in coking equipment to increase the corrosion resistance of coking equipment to extend the service life of the equipment.

Stainless steel clad plate has excellent thermal conductivity and anti-corrosion function. In short, China's stainless steel clad plate has a lot of room for development. We also have Acid-Base Resistance Clad Plate for you, contact us, you can get More product information.

Stainless Steel Composite Plate

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