Five Vessel Brewhouse

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Five Vessel Brewhouse

General description:

Capacity: 30HL 40HL 50HL 100HL Or 30BBL 40BBL 50BBL 100BBL or customized

Heating method: Steam heating Brewhouse

Efficiency: 8-10 Brews per day

The traditional five vessel brewhouse configuration is mash tun + lauter tun + buffer tank + kettle + whirlpool tank, this helps make the brewhouse efficiency up to 10 brews per day. A rice cooker can be added if client wants to use other ingredients for brewing. Material for equipment fabrication can be SUS 304 or 316 when necessary, all depends on customers preference or the local climate. Such brewhouse is designed for industry brewery, which is more suitable for more brews per day and continuous production. Design concept comes from existing building plan or totally greenland. Design and fabrication based on clear brewing process from investors. The whole brewhouse can be with full automatic program, all production finished automatically, with production record and recipe creation function etc.

Making a Micro Brewery Equipment is longer term operation, our wish is helping you find the value behind our price, and develop the balance between income and investments.

Basic configuration:

Mash tun with bottom paddle type stir, bottom & steam jacket, separate control

Lauter tun with bottom stir blade, counter washing and wort collect coil, wort recirculation, adjustable stir height, bottom wort inlet

Buffer tank between lauter and kettle, with steam jacket for pre heating

Kettle with side and steam jacket, separate steam control for different batch size. With steam condensing unit. Optional Internal heater. Boiling under pressure

Whirlpool with flat bottom, central spray nozzle, side wort outlet

Support fittings: double / single stage plate cooler, piping strainer, pre masher, wort sink for sampling and sugar testing etc

Standard brewhouse platform or customized as building requirement

All pump & Stir with VFD, pump for hot liquid with water cooling device

With separate hot water tank configured for sparging and mashing, to improve efficiency.

Valves to be manual butterfly one or pneumatic (recommended)

Piping & valve connection to be TC or DIN.

Features of Craft Beer Equipment:

Energy saving, higher brewing efficiency and lower material consumption

Higher wort wort extract

Fully automatic mash, wort, water flow and auto temp control

Well designed steam system to increase heating efficiency

More reasonable piping construction to avoid the wort aeration problem and decrease the material lost

Internal heater for separate kettle, working with cylinder and bottom jacket for better boiling effect.

Possible to make boiling process under pressure, especially for brewery at higher altitude.

Automation system with curve indication and production record printing, with recipe storage function, clients can create new recipe as the exact production requirement.More information please view:

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