Application of Galvanized Welded Wire Mesh in Decorating Houses

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Speaking of galvanized welded wire mesh, it is no stranger to some industries that use galvanized welded wire mesh, because of some advantages of galvanized welded wire mesh: such as the flexibility of galvanized welded wire mesh, the corrosion resistance of galvanized welded wire mesh, The shapeability of galvanized welded wire mesh, etc., makes the galvanized welded wire mesh have a very good sales prospect in the market. Hot dipped galvanized welded wire mesh was bought by farmers friends for use in agriculture, such as enclosures, orchards, grain storage, and galvanized welded wire mesh was purchased by construction workers for wall insulation It is also a very good choice. Hot dipped galvanized welded wire mesh can be used in traffic to isolate and block traffic, ensuring the safety of passersby. It can be seen that galvanized welded wire mesh has made great contributions in various industries, but today, welded wire mesh panels supplier also introduces another use of welded wire mesh, which is galvanized welded wire mesh. It is used in the decoration industry. When renovating a house, whether it is the renovation of an old house or the decoration of a new house, the application of galvanized welded wire mesh cannot be separated.

Welded Wire Mesh

Welded Wire Mesh

Some people may think, where can we use galvanized welded wire mesh in the decoration process? In fact, when decorating a house, the first thing we need to do is to strengthen the foundation of the house. During the foundation, the wall is reinforced. And the decoration of the wall is very important. If the foundation of the wall is not well, the phenomenon of ash will appear on the wall after plastering. After the decoration is completed in time, the wall may also appear because the wall is not strong enough. The situation of the body falling off, once this happens, I think it will be a very bad thing for the residents, so it is necessary to do a good wall before the decoration, the stronger the wall, the better. If you want to make the wall more solid, you need to use galvanized welding when you strengthen the wall. Forget, first buy the welding wire mesh of the corresponding specification from the welding mesh manufacturer, and then install the facing brick so that you can directly install it on the wall during construction. The galvanized welded wire mesh is laid on the surface. When laying the galvanized welded wire mesh, it is necessary to ensure that after the first pass of the wall solidification of the mortar, at the same time when the wall is constructed with galvanized welded wire mesh, components suitable for galvanized welded wire mesh are purchased For example, wall insulation nails are usually applied on the wall together with galvanized welded wire mesh. After all of them are fixed, a second application of mortar is required, so that an adhesive layer between the welded wire mesh and the tile can be formed. Make the galvanized welded wire mesh more firmly fixed on the wall. It will make the wall stronger and prevent the mortar from falling off.

When buying galvanized welded wire mesh, manufacturers generally recommend two types of galvanized welded wire mesh to customers, one is hot-dip galvanized welded wire mesh, and the other is cold-galvanized welded wire mesh. Welded wire mesh is more corrosion resistant, so if you do not mind the difference in price during the decoration and protection process, you can safely choose hot-dip galvanized welded wire mesh, because the quality of hot-dip galvanized welded wire mesh is better and it is less likely to rust.

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