Let's Take a Look At How To Adjust The Low Beam Height Yourself

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Being illuminated by high beams, I believe many drivers will encounter them every night. Turning on high beams when meeting or following in the city will seriously affect the sight of other drivers. Therefore, in urban areas, as far as possible, open the far light as little as possible, and the correct use of far and near light exchange is an important guarantee for civilized driving.

And sometimes these vehicles that seem to turn on the high beam are actually turned on with low beam, but its high beam is relatively high. Whether the headlights are too high or too low in daily driving is not conducive to driving safety. Let's take a look at how to adjust the height of theautomobile low beamyourself.

1.The headlights are misaligned after a slight impact

2. Replacement of headlight parts causes misalignment

3.The headlight height is wrong / displaced due to other reasons

When we are driving normally, observe the height of the low beam headlights. If the tangent line reaches the position above the rearview mirror of the car in front, then the height of the low beam headlights is definitely wrong. In addition, if the dipped beam is turned on to illuminate the wall, the tangent positions of the left and right dipped beams do not coincide, then the position is wrong. The position of the standard dipped headlights is that the left and right headlights tangent coincide. The tangent of a single dipped headlight is left low and right high, instead of the so-called "left low right high" of the left and right headlights.


Of course, many people will say why not directly go to the 4S shop for maintenance adjustment. It is undeniable that this is the simplest and most effective. However, some 4S stores are relatively remote, and it is not difficult to adjust the height of the low beam. DIY is not a good idea.

It should be noted that the adjustment of the width of the light is difficult, and it is not recommended to adjust it by yourself. If the width of the light is really inappropriate due to collision or other reasons, it is recommended to go to the 4S shop for timely adjustment.

Preparation tools: adhesive tape, Phillips screwdriver or hexagon socket for marking purposes, flashlight, tape measure

Location: Underground parking white wall

First, find a clean wall, park the car about 3 meters from the wall, and measure the distance from the center of the vehicle's low-beam light to the ground. Based on the height of the low beam headlight that we measured above the ground, we used tape to set a baseline on the wall in front of the car. (The reason why the tape is set is because the tape can be easily removed after use to avoid embossing the wall.) The standard for adjustment is that the tangent is slightly lower than the mark, and the method of the left and right headlights is similar.

In addition, if your car has a headlight height adjustment knob, you should first adjust the headlight height adjustment knob to the "0" position before adjusting the headlight.

Find the adjustment bolts behind the headlight assembly. The adjustment bolts around many models are toothed. It is easy to judge that the parts that need to be adjusted and the tools used are different for different models, and need to be determined according to the specific model.

It should be noted that some car lights are integrated with near and high beams, so there are generally two adjustment bolts for height adjustment and width and width; while independent near and high beam headlights can adjust the height of the low and high beams, respectively. It can also adjust the width and width, so there may be 3-4 adjustment bolts.

When adjusting, twist the bolt with one hand, observe the change of the tangent position on the wall, and adjust according to the height of the mark. The tangent height of the low beam is lower than the reference line as the standard.

When adjustingled auto headlights, do not sit on the car or sit alone in the car. If the trunk is pulled with a lot of weight or the car is fully loaded, the height of the vehicle will drop a lot. There is no small effect.

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