Snacks Bar Forming Machine Is Finished For Bangladesh Customer

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Snacks Bar Forming Machine may be used for creating all sorts of cereal bars and sticks. Technical Features: Rotary construction which covers smaller region with higher efficacy. The shapes could be rounded, cylindrical, square, semi circular, blossom and triangular, etc. Mechanical pressing & waxing, doesn't damage nuts, without waste.

Mechanical driving, precision positioning, upper and nether moulds tight match, makes superb cereal bar forming. Employing high performance frequency , simple adjust rate, higher efficacy, it may create 24-hour continuously.

We have finished a Granola Bar Forming Machine ordered by a Bangladesh customer has been finished. This time the mold shape is very special - heart shape. In the near future, a very popular and good-looking heart-shapes cereal bar will be found in Bangladesh market. Hope this kind and lovely food could bring good luck to everyone. For more details, please contact Dragons Machine.

Snacks Bar Forming Machine Is Finished For Bangladesh Customer

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