Mini Fermenter for Micro Brewery Systems

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Mini Fermenter for Micro Brewery Systems

Feature Description:

The mini Fermentation tanks are mainly used for Micro Brewery Systems or pilot system used for recipe researching in big breweries. These are well configured with brewhouse and other support unit that consists of the whole pilot brewing system.

Tanks can be jacketed and isolated, with cooling line preassembled, or to be single layer that can be kept in cold room etc

The material and production standard is the same as the bigger tanks used for micro or large breweries.

Capacity range: 50L 100L 200L 300L

Details of Mini brewing Fermenter:

Domed top and cone bottom cone, cone angle: 60 degree

With 25% head space for fermenation

Wall thickness: 3mm

Pressure: 2-3 bar / 15-30PSI

Dimple plate cooling jacket, cylinder and bottom cooled, Polyurethane insulation

With adjustable leg bolt or to be installed on trolley / frame

Diaphragm pressure gauge with CIP arm

Top: with CIP arm, breathe valve, optional dry hopping port, top manway

Cylinder: Glycol inlet / oulet, PT100, sample valve, level tube (optional)

Bottom: Racking arm (optional), bottom beer / yeast outlet

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