Glass containers/PET/Cans RVMs-H11

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The H-10 and H-11 reverse vending machines (RVM) offer a clean and robust design, with multiple recognition functions, ideal solution for receiving low to medium volumes of containers. H-10 and H-11 take one-way, non-refillable containers (Such as galss bottles). Additionally, H-11 is equipped with a SoftDrop™ safelanding unit to receive refillable containers perfectly.
Both H-10 and H-11 feature a touch screen with a large, 21.5"display, provide a good user experience and suited for branding and promotional activities.


● H-10 & H-11 collect cans and/or plastic bottles (H-11 can also Take refillable containers with SoftDrop™)
● 66% higher storage capacity than its predecessor
● Optical fraud protection
● Intelligent electronic key
● Support for selected E-wallet solutions and system intergration for third-party
● IMP system accessible
● Support for plug-and-play

INCOM was founded in 2003. Through the independent research and development of the Touch Screen Vending Machine, INCOM realized the complete sealing of the raw material recycling link, ensuring the cleanness, safety and environmental friendship of the whole chain. We can also supply the whole Multiple Recognition Recycling System.

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