Pet Treats Extruding Line

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Pet Treats Extruding Line

Pet Food Machine

Pet Treats Machine is used to produce semi-moist pet snack.

Main Equipment:

Pet Treats Processing Line is used to produce semi-moist pet snack. Dragons Machine is well-known for its unique multi-color dies, rotary dies and other equipment such as cutting machines, which are being used by pet snack market leaders all over the world.

Technical Features:

Dragons Machine offer multi-color pet snack production lines. Pet snacks & treats with new shapes, some twisted and even with bright colors, can now be found in supermarkets and specialized pet shops. Our team is specialized in the designing of forming dies for the pet snack industry and provide the best possible service in fields of research and expertise. Dragons Machine (co)-extrusion dies and our rotary dies can provide you with endless possibilities for combinations of colors, shapes and textures, twisted or non-twisted and co-extruded or hollow.

System Advantage:

Pet Snack Production Line guarantees the highest level of production efficiency and maximum quality of the final product. Beside the forming dies, Qunlong offers cooking and forming extruders and guillotine cutters to create an efficient pet snack production process in order to meet all the specific and unique requirements of our clients.

Application Scope:

Technical Parameters of Dog Snacks Processing Line:








30 x 5 x 3m


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