Do you know the preparation work for Essential Artificial Grass before construction?

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Regardless of whether it is landscaping or commercial site construction, the proportion of artificial turf is increasing day by day. With the development of society, people are now demanding more and more livable environment. Natural turf cannot meet people's living needs in many aspects. In this powerful market context, the development of Essential Artificial Grass has mushroomed. Artificial turf is popular because of its superior performance and the requirements that natural turf can't.

Essential Artificial Grass

Essential Artificial Grass

Artificial turf is the product of today's social development. It is integrated with a variety of modern processes and its durability can be guaranteed. The appearance is almost the same as that of the natural lawn and even has a better aesthetic. Artificial turf has fewer restrictions, and it is suitable for a variety of scenarios and will not have a great impact on its performance. Therefore, whether it is community garden planning or sports field construction, artificial turf is deeply loved by consumers, and it can be said that it has reached a certain level. The extent to which artificial turf is not available.

As a Landscape Artificial Grass Factory, share the benefits of artificial turf. Artificial turf has many outstanding advantages: long service life, vivid color and pleasing color, easy to use and easy to use. The overall ground comfort is excellent, and it can be used in combination with the drainage system. Since there are so many advantages of artificial turf, what is the good experience of our actual use? This requires us to have a general understanding of artificial turf. For example, from the perspective of raw materials, the most widely used and most popular non-polyethylene, nylon, and other artificial grass fibers are not only comfortable. The appearance is similar to that of natural grass, and due to the unique molecular structure, these man-made fibers are more competitive in performance than natural grass.

Of course, the outstanding performance of artificial turf is not only determined by the selection of raw materials. In terms of the basic structure, it requires higher execution standards and is more strict than natural turf. The general artificial turf is made of special single-fiber filaments. Crafted, and with the development of special surface-modified coatings and polymeric materials, artificial turf can greatly use the staff's leg sprains and artificial grass fibers to scratch the human skin or caused by strenuous exercise.

Commercial Artificial Grass preparation work before construction

(1) Whether the size of the construction site to be reconciled is consistent with the requirements of the artificial turf ordering drawings, and the quality of the site, foundation is strictly checked to prevent the quality of the artificial turf from being affected due to the quality problems of the grassroots.

(2) Clean up the site with no stones and other debris on the surface. Conditional sites should be closed as much as possible to avoid the construction quality and progress due to non-construction personnel entering the construction.

(3) Check whether the artificial turf grass rolls meet the technical requirements of the order contract and whether the size and volume number of each grass roll corresponds to the construction drawings.

(4) Check whether the construction glue, seam belt, and tools meet the construction requirements.

(5) Check whether the quartz sand and rubber particles meet the construction requirements. Particular attention is paid to the use of quartz sand before it is necessary to ensure that the quartz sand is dry and never allowed to be constructed with moist quartz sand.

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