Instructions for installation of explosion-proof equipment

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Instructions for installation of explosion-proof equipment

1. When introducing or leaving explosion-proof products,such as the Explosion Proof Emergency Light, the wire or cable shall not lose the original rubber sealing ring and retainer ring and directly connect with copper pipe or flexible pipe. It is necessary to seal tightly with full pressure. The outer diameter of the wire and cable should match the inner diameter of the sealing ring (the user should ensure that the minimum size of the selected cable including tolerance is greater than or equal to the value required by the cable sealing ring), the rubber sealing ring data should conform to the aging test in the relevant type test, and its shape is suitable for the cable used in the equipment. The redundant cable introduction port is sealed with blind pad or metal plug. Do not allow multiple cables to pass through the same imported equipment. Cables used in risk areas should not have a central connector.

2. Explosion Proof Lamp Supplier shares that the flameproof surface of the flameproof product is the basic guarantee of the flameproof performance of the product. Pay attention to strict protection to prevent bruises, abrasions and scratches. The flameproof surface of each product shall be coated with anti-rust oil when leaving the factory. No painting is allowed to prevent the flameproof surface from oxidation and rust. Gaskets can only be used when document rules permit. The bonding surface shall not be treated with a substance that hardens during use. If the anti-rust oil is found to be dry or cut, it should be replenished in time to ensure the normal operation of flameproof. The fastening bolt of flameproof joint shall not be arbitrarily replaced, and the spring pad shall be complete.

3. The junction box equipment used for external wire or cable wiring should pay attention to the electrical space and creepage interval and satisfy the requirements of relevant codes and rules. (the relevant requirements in gb3836.3-2010 and GB/T 14048.1-2000 should be satisfied)

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4. All fasteners are equipped with spring pad as a way to prevent loose, can not be thrown away, every time must be full of pressure, with the spring pad pressure. Only use something to loosen or remove all fasteners necessary to ensure explosion-proof type or to prevent contact with exposed live parts.

5. Stop mouth, cylinder, thread flameproof structure of explosion-proof products cooperation gap is usually between 10~20 micron, flameproof joint surface uniform roughness does not exceed 6.3 micron, very precise, so in the open cover or separation should pay attention to adhere to the balance, light force separation, prohibit crude pulling, prevent destruction of explosion-proof performance.

6. In the equipment, the interval between the flameproof joint surface and solid obstacles (such as steel frame, wall, sheath, equipment plate, pipe or other electrical equipment) shall be no less than the value in the following table, unless the test proves that the barrier interval can be smaller.

7. When reassembling the flameproof enclosure, all bonding surfaces shall be thoroughly cleaned and coated with suitable grease to prevent corrosion and add climate protection. Bolts should not be lubricated through holes. Finishing flange can only choose non-metallic scraper and non - corrosive cleaning fluid. Check, shaft, joystick, and thread joint clearance can generally be left uninspected, except when there are signs of wear, deformation, corrosion, or other damage, in accordance with the manufacturer's documented rules.

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