The benefits of biodegradable garbage bags

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With the accelerated pace of life, plastic bags have become an indispensable product in people's lives because of their light and durable characteristics. At the same time, a large amount of plastic garbage pollution is generated. Domestic garbage is a by-product of human life, with the rapid development of society and economy. Development and urban population are highly concentrated, and the production of domestic garbage is gradually increasing. Therefore, the use of garbage bags is also increasing, but the main material of garbage bags is made of plastic, and the main component of plastic is refined from petroleum. Moreover, it takes about 200 years for the garbage bag to be buried in the ground to degrade, and it causes serious pollution to the soil environment. If it is treated by incineration, it will produce harmful smoke and harmful gases, which will pollute the environment for a long time, due to the large amount of use. Environmental pollution is even more serious.

  How can we solve the plastic environmental pollution caused by garbage bags while using garbage bags? In fact, there is a choice between the best of both worlds - biodegradable trash bag came into being.

Biodegradable Trash Bag


Biodegradable Trash Bag 

A very important feature that distinguishes it from ordinary garbage bags is its degradation properties, which is also a big selling point for biodegradable garbage bags. Plastic degradation, as its name suggests, is to break down the plastic material and let it go from where to go. What is the principle of degradation of ecological plastic technology? In the plastic production process, by adding a certain proportion of oxidized bio-double-degrading masterbatch, in the natural environment, oxidative degradation occurs through the combined action of light, heat and oxygen, and the hydrophobic polymer chain is oxidatively degraded into a hydrophilic group. Oligomer or small molecule. The external manifestation of degradation is that the plastic breaks down, becomes a fragment or powder, and the mechanical properties are significantly reduced. The pulverized and degraded granules become nutrients for the survival of microorganisms, and eventually become environmentally friendly substances such as carbon dioxide, water and soil organic matter, and return to the ecological circle. Therefore, it does not pollute the environment, and the advantages of renewables can greatly alleviate human dependence on oil.

  After the mixed biodegradable garbage bag is filled with garbage, it takes only 1-2 years to be "eaten" by microorganisms in nature, that is, it can be completely degraded into fragments. The ordinary garbage bag not only has a large pollution to the environment, but also is different from the environmental garbage bag. Biodegradable garbage bags are made of environmentally friendly materials. The garbage bags are filled with about 25% of biomaterials in polyethylene to achieve rapid degradation of the garbage bags. The so-called biomaterials mainly include corn starch, glycerin and other production aids.

  Biodegradable garbage bags as the inseparable items of our daily life are promising for many people. When it comes to purchasing biodegradable garbage bags, first of all, the family needs to pay attention to Yes, the taste and composition of the product, some bags have a pungent smell when they are unpacked. In fact, this is the smell produced by the recycled materials. The recycled materials are mostly processed from waste materials such as garbage recycling materials and even medical infusion needles. In addition, the environmental hygiene in the production process is unqualified, and the plastic products thus produced are extremely unsanitary, and there are generally a large number of toxic germs. It is extremely unsafe to use such ingredients at home.

  Secondly, the quality of the products must be guaranteed. Some bags are taken home without any amount of garbage. The quality of the bags is problematic. Now the national standard thickness is at least 0.006mm, which will not affect the use, but many manufacturers. The production of the bag can not hit this requirement, so there will be a phenomenon of easy breakage, and also hope that the majority of users can carefully check the quality of the bag when purchasing, do not spend money.

  Finally, please remind everyone, please buy a biodegradable garbage bag produced by a regular manufacturer, because only regular manufacturers will give you quality assurance. After all, not all manufacturers are as sincere as Beijing BEFTRE Green Material Co., Ltd. (BEFTRE), we not only have degradable plastics. Garbage bags are also biodegradable plastic products made from a variety of renewable bio-based materials such as biodegradable T-shirt bag. Thanks for reading, looking forward to your contact.

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