Anti-static shielding bag

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Anti-static shielding bag

Shielding Bag

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Anti-static shielding bag is also known as anti-static silver-gray shielding bag, shielding bag, anti-static PET plastic bag.

Product appearance: silver gray

Anti-Static Silver-Gray Shielding Bag features: high mechanical strength, good anti-static performance, excellent heat sealing, translucent, can be seen as a packaged object, the unique structure of the shielding bag can form the induction cover effect to protect the bag from the electrostatic field, prevent static electricity Accumulation, protection from static electricity, is the first choice for anti-static bags.

Material structure: antistatic layer (PET) / aluminized layer (shield layer) / antistatic layer (PP or PE)

Product performance: electrical and physical properties meet international standards such as ASTTMD257, EIA541, MIL-B-81705

Conventional thickness: 75μm, 100μm

Surface resistance: 10-11 Ω of 10

Bag style: flat pocket, self-sealing (tight bag / zipper bag), envelope type, envelope self-adhesive, one-piece, three-dimensional, etc., the bag body pattern can be printed according to customer requirements.

Use of Anti-static shielding bag: It is used for the packaging of various static sensitive products such as PC boards, electronic components, optical drives and ink cartridges.

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