What Are the Benefits of Using An Air Column Bag?

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With the continuous development and rise of the logistics industry, more attention has been paid to packaging. Especially for some special products, protection and pressure resistance are needed. Air column bag is a packaging product used in many logistics industries nowadays, which can effectively reduce the pressure loss problem of articles and protect the articles very well. So what are the benefits of using an air column bag?

First, provide anti-stress protection

Now some companies will use logistics to transport to their destinations after production and sales. And for some fragile products or products with high value, you need to ensure that the items can reach the customer intact during the journey. The advantage of using a well-known domestic air column bag is that it can reduce the pressure between items and the impact caused by the road.

Air Column Bag

Second, reduce the wear between items

Many people know that bank cards and ID cards cannot be put together, otherwise, they will be demagnetized and unusable. There is also such a relationship between some items, which cannot be stored together, otherwise, the product will be affected by a certain quality. The use of an affordable air column bag can isolate the wear and tear of the items and protect the quality of the items.

Third, the use cost is low

In terms of logistics, many cartons and paper bags are used, but the use of these alone has already been costly. If it is necessary to protect the article again, the cost will increase accordingly. However, the use of the air column bag can be used alone, and the cost can be greatly reduced. After the protection, the articles are stored together, and the use of the carton is also reduced.

In order to prevent the items from being affected by pressure and impact during transportation, special attention must be paid to the packaging of the items. The use of air column bag not only reduces a lot of cost in the price, but also protects the goods very well, reduces the wear between products, and does not let the quality cause economic loss due to wearing.

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