Y5WZ-17-45 AC Gapless MOA

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Y5WZ-17-45 AC Gapless MOA

AC gapless metal oxide arrester (hereinafter referred to as arrester) is used to protect AC electrical equipment of corresponding voltage level from lightning overvoltage and operating overvoltage damage.

I. Use

indoor AC gapless metal oxide arrester(hereinafter referred to as arrester) is used to protect AC electrical equipment of corresponding voltage level from lightning overvoltage and operating overvoltage damage.

Product Implementation Standard: GB11032 - 2010 "AC Gapless Metal Oxide Arrester".

II. Conditions of Use

1. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

2. Ambient temperature (-40 +40) C;O

3. The maximum solar radiation intensity is 1.1kW/m.2

4. The altitude does not exceed 2000 m.

5. The rated frequency of AC system is (48-62) Hz.

6. The power frequency voltage applied between the arrester terminals for a long time should not exceed the continuous operating voltage of the arrester.

7. Earthquake intensity 8 degrees and below;

8. The maximum wind speed does not exceed 35m/s.

III. Structure and Characteristics

This kind of arrester is assembled by superposition of non-linear zinc oxide resistors and sealed in high voltage insulating ceramic sleeve without any discharge gap.Under normal operating voltage, the arrester is insulated with high resistance; when it is impacted by overvoltage, the arrester is in low resistance state, releasing impulse current into the ground quickly, so that the voltage on the electrical equipment parallel to it is limited to the prescribed value, so as to ensure the safe operation of the electrical equipment.The arrester is equipped with a detachment device. When the arrester operates under overload or suffers accidental damage, the internal pressure increases sharply, so that the arrester can be detached from the device to ensure that the ceramic sleeve is not damaged.The arrester has the characteristics of good steep wave response, high shock current tolerance, low residual voltage, reliable operation, no power frequency continuous current, simple maintenance and so on.

V. Inspection and Maintenance

1. Detection: The arrester should be prevented before it is put into operation and before the thunderstorm season every year.

Sex testing tests, the items are:

(1) DC or power frequency reference voltage test:

When the peak value of DC or AC resistive current flowing through the arrester reaches the reference current, read the voltage value, which is not less than the standard value.

(2) DC leakage current test:

The DC voltage value of 0.75U1mA is applied at both ends of the arrester (the voltage ripple rate is not more than (+1.5%). When the voltage is stabilized, the leakage current flowing through the arrester should not be greater than the standard value. The leakage current of the surge arrester in operation should be no more than 2 times of the measured value before commissioning.

(3) Detection of power frequency persistent current value:

Power Frequency Continuous Current Value, Leakage Current Tester or Sufficient for Use of Arresters

Accurate AC meter detection shows that the RMS or peak resistance current flowing through the arrester under operating power frequency voltage does not exceed 1.5 times of the initial measurement value.

2. Maintenance: According to the regulations of power system.

Ⅵ. Attention:

(1) During transportation and storage, arresters should be placed vertically.

(2) Users are not allowed to disassemble lightning arresters at will.

(3) Users are not allowed to test the working frequency discharge voltage of the arrester in order to avoid damage to the arrester.

(4) Under the condition that users abide by the above rules, our factory is responsible for the three-package matters within the three-package period, which is one year.

If users have special needs, they can write to them. We will supply as required.

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