The Advantages of Biodegradable Plastics

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First, biodegradable plastics has good mechanical properties and processing properties. The mechanical properties are between PE and PP, which can meet the requirements of general plastics. It can be processed on various general-purpose polyester processing equipment. The best processing performance in fully biodegradable plastics (this is critical for the application of degradable plastics).

Second, biodegradable plastics has very good degradation performance. Under composting conditions, the 90-day biodegradation rate reaches 90% or more.

Third, biodegradable plastics has excellent heat resistance, heat distortion temperature is close to 100 °C, and can be over 100 °C after modification (the best heat resistance in fully biodegradable polyester), can be used to prepare hot and cold drinks, lunch boxes and other packaging areas.

Fourth, biodegradable plastics has price advantage. After scale production, the price is expected to exceed 20,000 yuan/ton, and raw materials can be obtained by biological fermentation.

Fifth, biodegradable plastics is extremely versatile and can be used in packaging, disposable appliances, agricultural, and medical fields to solve environmental pollution problems in a true sense.

The plastics industry is a large industry. In 2003, the output of plastic products in the country reached 16.50 million tons, including 811,000 tons of agricultural film, 3.269 million tons of packaging film, 3.12 million tons of tableware, and about 11 million tons of plastic pellets. At around 1920 billion yuan/year, the annual profit exceeded 38 billion yuan. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection in China and the improvement of environmental protection laws, fully biodegradable plastics will gradually replace ordinary plastic products.

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